2013 Titanspot/FrontySpot Fantasy Football


TitanSpot/FrontySpot Fantasy Football
It's that time of year again! It's time to start gearing up...

Once again, we'll be running a combined league for both TitanSpot and FrontySpot members. We have room for 10 teams, so if you want to play, go ahead and sign up!

The signup rules have changed this year, and you have to be specifically invited.  If you want an invite, send an email to [email protected] with the subject "TitanSpot Fantasy Football Invite Request" and I'll send you an invite.

The draft is scheduled for 
Sat Aug 31 5:00pm CDT (4 P.M. eastern, 6 P.M. Mountain, 7 P.M. Pacific)
Don't miss out!
After you're signed up, you can access our league directly at:​


I'm gonna sit this one out. I have never given my team or the league enough attention. This is good news for Steve I'm sure.


There's only two days until our scheduled draft, and we only have 5 teams signed up. If we don't get at least 1 more...preferably 3...by the end of tomorrow, I'm either going to have to move the draft out or cancel the league. We have to have an even number and even 6 is pretty thin.


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Well, this may be too little too late but I'll sign up if the draft has been rescheduled. I just noticed the e-mail today.