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Interest in 2010 NC Meet


Okay, it's about that time to plan an event in NC.

We've had...

2005 County Park outside Charlotte with 28 trucks in attendance.

2007 County Park outside Raleigh with 28 trucks in attendance.

2008 Meet at The Rock in 106 degree heat with 21 trucks in attendance.

2009 County Park outside Raleigh with 32 trucks in attendance.

These locations were chosen because we could get some very very good deals on hotels and make it fairly inexpensive for out of towners to attend.

The suggestion on the table: Boone, NC and a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway to a picnic area for the day and then back in to Boone that evening for a send off dinner. The upside is that it will be cooler in the mountains and there's a very very nice drive plus lots to do in Boone. The challenge is that the cost of a room could be about $80 a night-unless I can get a good room discount!

Other suggestions:

Renting a track is about a $3,500 deal and we would need to book it with a contract which means money upfront unless we play with everyone else.

Back to Raleigh? Easy enough to do but I'm always wanting to something that hasn't been done before.

A trip to Wilmington, NC could be a possibility if people want a beach getaway. It's the beach afterall. The challenge here is that it's more difficult for folks to get to it from the West and it's most dependent upon the weather for the fun. But, it's the beach and there is 4WD access for those who want it and a good picnic area for us to line up our trucks...

IF there's no major interest, then we can forgo the event for this year as well. Too many meets, too little cash, you're worried about the world ending in 2012...suggestions and input welcomed.

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