2 F-150's For Brunch!


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So I'm chillin in my T by myself, cruising up 95N in "my personal lane", (that one all the way to the left by the jersey barrier) when an older model Harley Davidson F-150 (it was a crew cab, but small) comes up hard in the center lane and QUICKLY slows down to match my speed. I have 15% front windows and the Ford had dark fronts also, but I could see his silhouette looking at me like he was waiting for me to make a move, so I let off the gas, put the truck in 3 (praying I wouldn't kill the tranny) and punched it! Left him behind, let him catch up and left him for good! He had to be 100% stock!

Not 2 minutes up the highway, I see a full sized Ford F-150 (this one is the same size as the T) coming up hard on my rear (in my personal lane), then he got in the middle lane and we got it on for a good lil ways when he boxed me in and I got trapped behind a car in "my personal lane" and a car beside me in the middle lane when he took the right lane and left me. When the car in front of me got over, I walked him down in enough time not to miss my exit.

And This was around 10:30 am, brunch time!