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Date added: Oct 10 2007, 07:53 PM

Article starter: Rossi

My Titan was running a bit warmer then I'd like it to run with the OEM stat. So after looking around and trying a few different things I settled on one.

First I tried the Stant 170 made for the Titan. It was really cheap looking compared to the OEM stock thermostat. It opened earlier then the stock stat but under hard load running the truck this stat did not open and flow as well as the OEM stat. I found this the hard way pulling my trailer up a hill. I had already heard tis was a problem so I was prepared and put the stock stat back in.

Now I have a 1996 300Z thermo stat PN 21200-42L01 170'.

The diameter is a perfect fit. As you can see from the pic below there is a cage on the back of the stat...at first I left it on and did some testing. This cage did not allow the stat to open as much as it needed and I heated my truck up to 219 degrees.

So back to the drawing board. Finally I took a hack saw and cut the cage off the back of this stat. Now....my truck NEVER goes over 183 degrees even while doing back to back to back 0-60 WOT Cipher runs.

Better Pic of the Stats