04 stereo/nav shut down


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Afternoon Titans. 04 LE 4x4 original owner.215k
Nav,dvd,6 cd.
Been through all of the original issues.
My RF stock stereo/nav would work then stop working then the nav screen would go dark grey but still be on while the key was out. Had to pull the fuse out
Has anyone been able to pinpoint the reason for this. Yes I know the RF unit is low quality but that's all I need.
I like to listen to my engine with my electric exhaust dump mostly.Wife would like music.
Some say the amp, but does that affect my whole nav screen along with the head unit?
Also I can no longer use the info screen for anything or the cd player. I had to pull the fuse to the system to keep it from draining my battery.
I havent read a definitive answer for this issue and the stealership is in no way an option.
I would like to somehow get the stock nav screen working.
Figure out if the amp or head unit is bad.
Which type of wiring harness to use to either keep the stock nav with a new head unit or a new amp or no amp at all?
Speakers were all working fine.
I have wrenched on this myself since 04. never did stereo work to it but maybe with titanspot and youtube I may be able to handle this. If not my other area choice is Best Buy but I for sure want to know what and how to repair it before I go in to BB.
I have read other posts but none addressed the head unit AND the nav screen issue.

Thanks for you help Titans.