04 PRG shocks? Which to level front


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Hey spotters,
04 4x4 le mostly street, dirt roads in NH, 215k miles.
I need new front struts, replace a broken front spring, and rear shocks.
I would like to level the front end a bit also by raising it. 
Reading everything about shocks and lift kits and body kits and struts vs coil over shocks w/ springs and valving and steering angles etc
Not looking to break the bank either. Giving the truck to my son.
Also looking to support those who support the Titan world like Greg at PRG.
So the best most economical upgrade to me looks like PRG Billys 5100 package
But I still need to replace my springs because 1 is broken. Can I use a stock spring height and use a leveling plate or should I increase the length of the springs bit?
I would also like to get the front up a bit also so should I use a leveling plate? 1",1.5"? 
I don't want to wear out other parts because of the lift.
I will also be purchasing the PRG sway bar bushing and adjustable end link package as mine are worn.
Please keep the crazy priced products to yourself. I am trying to keep 6 cars,3 motorcycles, 4 snowmobiles all running on a buffet salary. only so much can fit on a plate