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2 issues
1. Anyone change the washer fluid sensor on their Titan? Mine was replaced after a fender bender and the new one has some polarity issues. When it is empty, the light goes out but otherwise when full, the light stays on.

2. Tire pressure reading system? My low pressure light is on. If I fill them to 35-38 psi, the light continues to stay on, and it's been like that for about a year. I check the pressure bi weekly just to be safe and fill them when needed, but the light never goes off. Do the valve stem sending units ever go bad? New tires put on a few years ago, but not sure if they replaced the sending units so the ones on the truck may be original.
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TPMS do go bad. Reservoir sensor is probably wired backwards. 2 wires.
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Well, you could always do the easy thing and just drive around with no washer fluid :smt044  Kevin's got it right, it's just wired backwards.

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