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Who's Interested in this AWESOME "WATERPROOF" Truck Bed Bag???
Hello all! It's been awhile since I've posted here on the forums ... I had been a supporting vendor of AMSOIL products here in the past. I've stumbled upon a new product that I wanted to share with my fellow TITAN owners. It's called the Tuff Truck Bag ( I purchased one for my self awhile back (see pics below) and LOVE this product ... so much that I've now added it to my AMSOIL product line. 


I'm constantly on the road travelling to baseball/softball tournaments (my kids play travel ball) throughout the year, and was looking for a solution to haul their gear in during inclement weather. I wanted something that was temporary and not permanent such as a shell or hard/soft tonneau cover, and "WATERPROOF". This bag is PERFECT. Furthermore, it collapses for easy storage into the supplied storage bag.


If anyone here is interested, please feel free to reach out to me here, call/text me 804-721-6325, or visit my online store at:

I also have a Facebook page dedicated to this product. that I update regularly with info and pics ... CW's Tuff Truck Bag. Please check it out and give a 'LIKE'


The bags retail for $199.99, but I sell them for $169.95. 

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