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New tire opinions please
2005 CC SE big tow pkg 2wd, pretty much stock, cold air intake, and high flow CAT.

I've been running Falken Ziex, 285/60r18 not the factory 265/70r18, for probably 5 years now and have LOVED them but my girl is well overdue for some new rubber. I was disappointed to find the Ziex are no longer available. She's a city girl so no offroad driving, very rarely will even see gravel. I'm looking for something to be as good as the Ziex in wear and traction in the snow and wet and am trying to keep cost as low as possible without giving up these things. I like the look of the 285's but it seems they are going to cost more than the stock size. I will pay a little more for the 285's but not much. Other sizes that will fit welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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May not be what you're looking for, but I put these Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10's on my Truck back in March of 2013 and they have far surpassed every other tire I've ever tried on the truck. They're rated at 50k miles and mine are on pace to greatly exceed that.  In the past I've had the original Goodyears, Kumho Road Venture AT's (terrible) and Nitto Trail Grapplers. None of them have come close to lasting as long as the Hankooks...especially at the price of the Hankooks.

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How's the grip on wet roads and in the snow?

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Had Duratrac and Terra G2 which both doing great on snow and mud here.

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I've read a few good feedback on the duratracs too

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I am in need of new tires too. I have 2014 Titan SV with the stock 18" rims. My truck is still completely stock so no lift or anything of the sort. Does anybody know if I can bump up to a size LT285 /65 R18 on my Titan without any drawbacks? If not, why not? And if not, what size larger than stock do you suggest?

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