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Engine timing chain problem
Can anyone help?  I have an 04 with what sounds like an engine knock that comes and goes.  I found the right bank timing chain tensioner was slapping when the noise was evident.  I replaced it with no change.  I then removed and replaced the timing chains, tensioners, guides, sprockets...  and the noise is still there.  The engine holds good oil pressure, but the tensioner, even with all new parts, is doing the same thing.  When the noise stops, the tensioner smooths out.  Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this problem?  I am at wits end!!!

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Did you replace all the bearings in the tensioners?

Perhaps this tech article will give you you an Idea of what may be causing the noise : Fan Belt? Alternator Belt? Serpentine Belt? Similarities and Differences
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Thanks for your share worldvaping
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