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Brand New TREX/FUEL Full titan Grill For Sale
Hello All, Im New to this forum and wanted to let you guys know I have this Beautiful Brand New Trex/Fuel Grill For Sale, I bought this Grill and installed it on my 2011 titan, it looked Very Nice, However I think It would look even better on a Titan that has been raised more than I can Raise mine due to Garage Limitations. So I bought the three Piece Trex/Fuel kit for my Stock Grill and looks very nice as well. The Full grill was purchased at full price, talk about sticker shock but it is made in U.S.A. I paid 1100.00 for it. If you are Familiar with the Quality of their product you can understand the Cost. I am looking for 900.00 OBO for it. I don't want to take to much of a loss on it so be nice! This Brand New Grill would really set off your titan Nicely!!! If Anyone is Interested you can reach me at 714-493-9044. Thanks.

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