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Yet another big-tow mirror conversion question................
Well with father's day coming up, I've about talked myself into doing a big-tow mirror swap. I've got a 2010 SE with power mirrors, no memory, and no heat. I've seen on Ebay and Amazon a mixture of mirrors with memory and heat but my question is what do I need to look for in big-tow mirrors to get them to mate up to the exisitng connection that I have now for my non-memory, non-heat power mirrors? I've heard talk of the connectors being different for the ones with memory. Can anyone clarify this for me?
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2010 Nissan Titan SE CC 4WD


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The connectors are apparently different from LE to SE on the big tow mirrors. I saw a picture of an LE and the plug was different than my SE. I suspect an enterprising dude could just rewire the thing to make it work, but that sounds like more work than it's worth!
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Question is, do you have a hitch on the truck and have much wide towing to do? I actually went the other way and got the smaller mirrors on my SE, b/c some jackwagon who doesn't know how to drive in the neighborhood, smacked the drivers side tow mirror and knocked the whole thing forward, dislodging the mirror and doing other damage to it. Since I don't tow a 5th wheel camper or really anything at all on a regular basis, I found a set of 2 aftermarket chrome mirrors for @125$ as opposed to replacing 1 at over 200$ with no guarantee the idiot wouldn't hit it again. They look great and the wiring harnesses matched identically to the tow version. So in my opinion, if you're just wanting to dress it up a little, go a different route and just get the low pro chrome ones. They took a little time to get used to, but they look GREAT.
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