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7 Way Socket Question
Forgive me if this is asked/answered, elsewhere...

I need to replace the 7-way socket and am wondering if anyone knows if the socket is completely dead when the ignition is off, or if there are any live wires left on? Just wondering if I need to disconnect the battery, or not (I have the Brake Controller already disconnected).

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I have not put a multimeter on it but when you shut off your lights to the truck and your trailer lights go out, that should indicate no power going out over the plug should it not??

I just had a nightmare of a trailer rewiring ….replacing regular lights with submersible LED lights....and somehow blew the 15 Amp mini fuze.  Messed with that trailer for 2 days thinking it was the trailer when it was the truck fuze.  I had constant light but no turn or brake.  Weird.  Took it to dealer and new fuze and all works.
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