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Recommendations on Tonneau Covers
I recently purchased a 2013 crew cab, short bed Nissan Titan with a factory installed, over the rail plastic bed liner. I am in the market for a tonneau cover, so I need advice on which type and/or brand to purchase. If there's a type/brand that you think I should stay away from that I formation would be helpful too. Thanks in advance.
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I had an ARE LSII for many years. Great quality super stout. It's probably the most expensive out there but well worth it. I played $1000. Color matched. It weighed around 150 lbs. I recently upgraded to an ARE Z series full shell. I highly recommend ARE.
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I  have a Tonno Pro Tri Fold, which is made in the USA, and I like it.  Got it from JCWhitney shipped for just under 300 with one of their coupon codes.

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I've got a retractable cover from BAK, and I totally love it! It's been there for over a year, and I haven't noticed any flaws in it. Must admit, I paid a little over $1000 for it, but to my mind it's totally worth the money!

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terryu1 has a new in-box cover for sale here:

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