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Replacement shocks
Just got a 2004 crew cab 4x4  with off road package. Has 138k and I'm pretty sure it has the original Ranchos on it.  


Was looking at the Bilstien HD shocks. Most people seem to like them better than Ranchos and they are affordable. Just wondering if anyone had put them on this truck or any other recommendations. I don't go off road much and it's not lifted. 




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Bilsteins are pretty common, so you should do a search and see a lot of info on them. As for me, I went with just a standard Monroe or Gabriel (can't remember which one) for the rears on my truck when my old ones were shot, and I'm pretty happy with them - but I don't off-road or do anything like that, my CC 4WD is just a work/pleasure truck. 

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I also vote for Bilsteins. They aren't too soft, yet provide not too bumpy ride. Plus, they last. Once I had KYBs in, and one leaked in just a couple of monts. Of course, prices also differ, but to me it's always better to get something installed once, than save a bit and keep replacing the stuff.

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Which shocks did you go with? Gonna give a buddy a hand replacing the shocks and tires for his Crew cab 4x4, Bilstein seems another good choice. He's looking at Toyo tires right after the shocks were installed.

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