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Thanks from the newb...
Thanks for adding me to the site. I'm in the middle of the search for my first used Titan. I previously had an '04 Silverado stepside that turned into a money pit over the past year and a half after it turned 140K (rockers, cab corners, transmission, alternator, yadda, yadda, yadda) so I unloaded it and am on the lookout for a Titan now as they seem to have much more power and sadly the Japanese car and truck makers seem to have their eye on the ball much more so than the domestics.


With a budget of $11k I've been looking at 2004-2008 king or double cab's with under 130k on the odometer and there seems to be some out there in my area of southeast PA. I've read that the exhaust manifolds and differential seals are common problems which I have been on the lookout for. Are there any other issues to keep a watchful eye on when looking at used?

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Common problems: Front brakes on 04-05, exhaust manifolds all years, rear axle seals all years, clamps on power steering & transmission hoses all years, clogged (or worse, plugged) differential breather valves.


Less common, but common enough that I know about them: chewed up differentials, especially on E-lockers, leaking radiators at the tank seams, rusted exhaust at the back of the truck near the wiring loom that can burn through the wiring, leaks at front & rear differential pinion seals, AC drains leaking into cab, assorted squeaks and rattles.


As far as mechanics, I think the Titan is super-solid, especially the engine & transmission. I have had two of these trucks and I am up to 140k miles on the one I've got now, and I have spent almost nothing on this truck over the last 6 years. 

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Curious with which year of truck you got? Titans are super reliable even with some occasional heavier load and hauling.

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