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Is competition bad for the student? - saraloren - 08-23-2019

No, no it is not. First of all, I do not appreciate the manner the school performs its operations. However, this is all related to the rivalry not about how the students accomplished in schools so I merely going to converse about the rivalry itself. The rivalry is occurring many people to attempt to force and breach their limits and restrictions. It enhances them, it makes them sturdier, and overall better so it is necessary. It is the competition which compels students to focus more on their studies and urges them to complete their homework on their own. But during homework completion often students face many glitches during essay writing procedure. Therefore, several students normally search topicsĀ on can someone do my assignment, which is a platform where there are several solutions of essays are available on a certain topic anyhow if we conclude our discussion so it will be right to say that the competition is really bad for the students and proves like a nightmare for the students all over the world.