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ghost town - Titan Critter - 01-29-2019

So, this place is pretty much dead it seems....

leadership team members haven't been on in two years? That's a shame.

I used to be a mod here, if anyone remembers.

RE: ghost town - BLWedge09 - 01-30-2019

I own the forum (always have) and to be honest, it's pretty much just been in maintenance mode for a few years now.  I'd take it down, but I hate to just dump all the info that people posted here.  I try to keep the software updated and the SPAM deleted as much as possible, but that's it these days.  Life moves on...

RE: ghost town - Titan Critter - 01-30-2019

i see.  yeah it's a good reference site for the first gen trucks i'm sure.